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Frustrated EV owner shares photo of truck taking up parking space at charging station: 'Call a tow truck'

"I could barely get in the other spot."

"I could barely get in the other spot."

Photo Credit: iStock

A photo of a large pickup truck blocking an electric vehicle charging spot has sparked outrage online.

The post, shared in Reddit's r/mildlyinfuriating community, laments how a "big a** truck" is parked in one of just two free EV charging spots in town.

"I could barely get in the other spot."
Photo Credit: Reddit
"I could barely get in the other spot."
Photo Credit: Reddit

According to the user, the truck also "takes up so much space I could barely get in the other spot." The reason? The truck's driver apparently wanted to park close to the entrance of a nearby barbecue restaurant.

The image shows a black, lifted pickup filling an EV charging space. The user's electric car is squeezed into the adjacent spot, just barely fitting.

This inconsiderate parking job didn't just inconvenience an EV driver — it represents a larger issue of disregard for our environment and collective future.

Transportation accounts for the largest share of planet-warming pollution in the U.S. (28%, according to the Environmental Protection Agency). Luckily, electric vehicles provide a cleaner alternative, with 54% lower lifetime carbon pollution than gas-powered cars, per the "Drive Change. Drive Electric." collaborative campaign.

But EVs need a place to plug in. Blocking or occupying a charging spot with a gas guzzler defeats the purpose of this eco-friendly infrastructure.

It may seem like a small issue in the grand scheme of the climate crisis, but minor acts of disrespect for our planet add up. What if, instead, we embraced an ethos of consideration in our daily choices — for our fellow humans and environment alike?

Choosing where we park is just one simple decision with broader implications. When we make space for sustainable solutions, we're not only easing a stranger's day. We're paving the way for a cleaner, safer future for all.

The post elicited emotional reactions from fellow Redditors.

"Call a tow truck," one user suggested to remedy the truck's rude parking job.

Another commenter referenced an unconventional tactic from the past: "This is why an old buddy of mine would carry a box of those long skinny nails. Made fellas think twice about parking where they're not supposed to."

Hopefully, as electric vehicles become the norm, basic charging etiquette will, too — no nails necessary. Until then, a little consideration can charge us all up.

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