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Video shows man rescue crabs stranded in abandoned trap after it washes ashore: 'You guys might be the luckiest crabs'

While the video is silly in nature, it has a serious undertone.

While the video is silly in nature, it has a serious undertone.

Photo Credit: TikTok

We've all heard the phrase "feeling a little crabby," which one might use if they are in a bad mood.

Well, these quirky crustaceans, captured on video by TikToker TrashCaulin (@trashcaulin), might have felt a little crabbier than the average sea critter. 

@trashcaulin This crab trap wasn't efficiently anchored so I set these crabs free 🦀 #crab #crabs #sealife #seaanimals #ocean #beach #animalrescue ♬ Suspenseful and tense orchestra(1318015) - SoLaTiDo

He found an abandoned crab trap that had washed ashore and discovered several crabs inside.

"So, this is an active crab trap," he said. "The problem is, whoever anchored this down, clearly did not do a great job." 

He opened the crab trap and allowed the crabs to roam free and back into the ocean, saving them from certain death. 

"You guys might be the luckiest crabs I know," he said. 

While the video is silly in nature, it has a serious undertone. Assuming the trap was abandoned, those crabs would've likely starved and died for no reason. 

According to Earth.com, human activity is putting a massive strain on marine ecosystems. Major stressors include climate change, overfishing, and pollution

According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, every year, billions of pounds of trash and other pollutants enter the ocean. Marine debris — such as the container the crabs were found in — can both harm animals and threaten the habitat they rely on. Even small offenses and disrespects contribute to the degradation of our beautiful oceans and everything that lives inside them. 

Fortunately, innovators are working hard to protect and clean up the ocean. The Ocean Legacy Foundation has created small beads of recycled plastic — made entirely out of marine plastic — that can be formed into a wide range of products. A 21-year-old created a plastic magnet that could pull microplastics out of our oceans. 

The TikTok video gained significant traction, and many took to the comments, both to express their sympathy for the crabs and to question and critique the creator's choice to release them. 

"Professional trash fisher AND professional crab saver?" People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals commented. "We love to see it." 

"Why didn't you just take and eat them," one user asked. 

"I like the idea of these crabs having a crazy story to tell their friends a lot better," the creator replied.

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