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Passenger shows benefits of riding one of the fastest trains in the world: 'It's much cheaper than a flight'

"Don't be afraid of public transportation."

"Don't be afraid of public transportation."

Photo Credit: TikTok

An American travel influencer recently hitched a ride on one of the fastest trains in France and couldn't help but rave about the experience online.

TikToker Elliott (@callmebelly) posted about their experience traveling on the TGV from Paris to the south of France. The post showcases the speed, convenience, and luxury of the train and makes it obvious to American users that a better transit future is possible.

@callmebelly TGV high speed train is also electric ♻️ #tgv #france #highspeedtrain #europe #trains #traveltiktok ♬ Mozart Turkish March (1120879) - arachang

According to the  High Speed Rail Alliance, the TGV is the fastest train in the world, reaching a test speed of 357.2 miles per hour in a modified test environment. From the content mentioned above, it is evident that it also provides an experience that is comfortable, convenient, and affordable.

The TGV is powered by electricity and holds nearly 400 seats. It covers distances which would be considered a long car ride or a short flight in the U.S. However, the high-speed rail covers this trip more efficiently, faster, and at a lesser cost to the environment.

In the United States, fledgling high-speed rail projects are underway. Recently, the U.S. government announced significant investment and broke ground on a rail project running the well-traveled route between Los Angeles and Las Vegas, and the Biden administration has announced support for a 90-minute connection between Houston and Dallas.

Such electric inter-city projects are the perfect environment for a high-speed rail network and offer benefits such as reduced traffic congestion, low-pollution electric travel, and convenient travel

The benefit of getting travelers out of gas cars and on to electric trains could also be immense for the environment. Rail systems like the TGV can run on third rails or overhead wires that power the trains through electricity, making for long range, zero pollution, and fast travel.

As Elliott noted, "It's much cheaper than a flight."

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Users in the comments of the post shared positive experiences and a yearning for similar systems in the United States.

One user commented, "Rode it from Basel to Paris! Favorite transport."

Another joked, "Don't be afraid of public transportation. Such an American moment. But that's okay. Good video mate."

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