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Video shows impressive behind-the-scenes look at inside of Tesla Semi: '[This design] makes a lot of sense'

"Super simplistic view."

“Super simplistic view."

Photo Credit: TikTok

One TikToker just gave us a sneak peek of the inside of Tesla's new semi truck, which revealed an unexpected design change from existing vehicles.

The Tesla Semi has gotten a lot of hype as it's made its way onto America's roads, with many people excited to even catch a glimpse of one on the street. Major retailers such as PepsiCo have started adding it to their fleets, benefitting from both the fuel savings that come from switching to electric and the positive press from reducing their pollution.

@teslaownerssv Tesla Semi has a super simplistic view. Its going to revolutionize the trucking industry #tesla #elonmusk #tsla ♬ original sound - Tesla Owners Silicon Valley

A TikTok account belonging to Tesla Owners Silicon Valley (@teslaownerssv) — which calls itself "the most notorious Tesla owners club in the world" — has given us a glimpse behind the curtain with a 19-second video of the interior of a Tesla Semi cab.

"Super simplistic view," the video caption states, with a "mind blown" emoji.

Indeed, the truck's controls have been pared down to two touch screens and a steering wheel, making the interior look incredibly sleek compared to most modern vehicles — more like a console on a fictional spaceship than the dashboard of a car. 

It comes complete with a single, centered captain's chair rather than the traditional two seats found in a semi truck's cab, sometimes with additional bunks.

"Was there ever a desire to put two seats in?" the cameraman asks in the video.

"Not that I am aware of," another voice answers.

That decision sparked some controversy in the comments.

"Makes a lot of sense," one user said. "Anyone know why a semi has two seats? Exactly. Should have been one centered all this time."

But according to another user, there is a reason. 

"There should be two seats up front. Some drivers have kids with them," they said.

Aside from drivers' possible childcare arrangements, there are also many semi truck drivers who operate in teams, with drivers switching off in shifts. In that case, a second seat would be a necessity. However, it's unclear if there are more seats toward the back of the cab, as the video only shows the view over the driver's shoulder and through the windshield.

"Is there any space behind the chair?" a third commenter asked.

"Yes," a fourth replied.

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