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Video captured on highway shows Tesla Semi driving like a ‘workhorse’: ‘[The] future is already here’

“I would love to drive one of those.”

Video captured on highway shows Tesla Semi driving like a 'workhorse'

Photo Credit: @teslaownersSV / Twitter

The Tesla Semi is still an all too rare sight on the nation’s roads, but when they are seen out in the wild, it’s easy to be impressed. 

A video of the Semi hauling some cargo on the highway has been posted to X, formerly known as Twitter, racking up nearly 90,000 views. 

Featured on the Tesla Owners Silicon Valley (@teslaownersSV) account, the Semi is described as a “work horse” as it pulls the trailer with ease.

One commenter described the truck as “futuristic,” which another user seemed to agree with, adding, “Future is already here.”

“I would love to drive one of those,” said another

Orders of the Semi started reaching truck drivers in December 2022. PepsiCo is one of its main customers, hoping to roll out 100 trucks by the end of 2023, as the company revealed to Reuters.

PepsiCo vice president Mike O’Connell told the publication the Semi can tackle a 425-mile (684-km) trip carrying Frito-Lay products while only using 80% of its battery capacity, and recharging only takes up to 45 minutes.

According to Tesla, the Semi can reach 60 miles per hour from standing while fully loaded in just 20 seconds, while its full estimated range is around 500 miles. 

The brand said it uses less than two kilowatt-hours of power for every mile driven. 

Data from Statista revealed that in 2021, medium and heavy trucks accounted for around 23% of global carbon air pollution from the transportation sector, second only to passenger cars (39%). 

Given that the presence of cars on the roads is much higher than that of medium and heavy trucks, the environmental impact of freight transportation is especially notable.

As carbon pollution is one of the main drivers of global heating, finding ways to limit the impact of the hauling industry in regard to rising temperatures is vital. As Tesla’s Semis produce zero tailpipe pollution, seeing more of them out and about is a welcome sight.  

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