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Tesla owner sends internet into uproar after revealing DIY modifications to his EV: 'To each their own'

"This guy is kicking and screaming to go back to his cave."

"This guy is kicking and screaming to go back to his cave."

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The introduction of new technology usually doesn't come without some debate over its virtues, and one Tesla owner recently created an uproar on the internet after showcasing homemade modifications to his vehicle. 

The revealing post by Ray (@rayfortesla) on X, formerly known as Twitter, has garnered nearly 55,000 views in less than a month. 

As Chris Teague detailed for Autoblog, someone apparently took umbrage with Tesla's signature touch screen, opting instead to install physical buttons to operate the controls. 

The Tesla owner, who is reportedly from China, is seen unscrewing part of the console before connecting a panel of buttons — which appear to be from repurposed electronics — to the touch screen.

It's unclear how the communication between the physical buttons and the touch screen was realized or how the modifications could affect certain diagnostic features or over-the-air (OTA) updates, which caused Teague to speculate that Tesla was probably aware of the modifications covered in the video before its release. 

While some have raised concerns about the safety of touch screens vs. physical buttons, there's no doubt that the recycling of electronics and utilization of electric vehicles like Tesla help reduce the amount of harmful pollution in our environment. 

According to joint research from NASA, Duke University, and Columbia University, reducing heat-trapping gas pollution in the next 50 years to keep rising temperatures to 2.7 degrees Fahrenheit above preindustrial levels could "prevent about 4.5 million premature deaths" and "1.4 million hospitalizations and emergency room visits" in the United States. 

While it's true that the production process of EVs can produce more carbon pollution when compared to gas-powered manufacturing, the eco-friendly performance of EVs offsets that within 18 months and continues throughout their lifetimes, according to Earthjustice, as they don't release any pollution from their tailpipes

While EV owners are likely on the same page regarding keeping our planet healthy, commenters on X had a variety of opinions on the Tesla owner's modification.

"Elon [Musk] tries to drag us out of the Stone Age, and this guy is kicking and screaming to go back to his cave," someone wrote

"To each their own. Why does it bother you that someone likes their physical buttons?" one person said

"These buttons should absolutely be stock. I mean going through menus just to turn on heated seats is crazy. There's nothing like a switch," a commenter added

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