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Video of Tesla Cybertruck reveals impressive and unseen features: Its 'presence is unlike anything else'

"That light startup sequence is sick."

"That light startup sequence is sick."

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The long-awaited Tesla Cybertruck is finally hitting roadways, and one person revealed that the futuristic-looking EV has a pretty cool "wake up" light sequence.

Tesla owner Tim (@omg_tesla) encountered the Cybertruck for the first time in late November 2023 at a Supercharger station and posted a video of the light-up sequence on X, formerly known as Twitter. 

The video also shows the truck's raise-to-start feature, as the vehicle ascended from its "low" sitting position to "medium" after startup.

Tesla enthusiasts have been drooling over the chance to catch a glimpse of the Cybertruck, and the latest video is just one of many voyeuristic posts about the vehicle. 

One X user shared footage of a Cybertruck prototype making a U-turn with rear-wheel steering, which received a lot of cheers (and jeers). Meanwhile, Tesla released footage of the Cybertruck on public display for the first time ever in San Diego on Black Friday.

Whether you think the Cybertruck looks cool or strange, it's hard to deny the value of adding more electric trucks to roadways. Among the benefits are quieter communities (EV engines aren't nearly as noisy as traditional internal combustion engines) and cleaner air. 

In fact, a March 2023 study found that a California program that has distributed a half million rebates to get more EVs on the roads has made air more breathable for residents.

EVs also can help us fight back against a warming world and all the challenges that come with it, such as rising sea levels and increased frequency and intensity of natural disasters. That's because electric sedans, SUVs, and pickup trucks produce about 64% less planet-warming pollution from cradle to grave than their gas-guzzling counterparts.

While many are still on the fence about whether the Cybertruck is ridiculous-looking or cool, Tim's fans loved the newly discovered features.

"That light startup sequence is sick," one said.

Another person added, "OMG!!! The animated light bar is such a good touch."

"That light sequence is slick AF," another commenter said. "Cybertruck's presence is unlike anything else I've ever seen." 

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