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Video shows public can now view elusive Cybertruck in many Tesla showrooms across the US: 'Can't wait to check one out'

"This video is the best view I have seen of the truck."

The all-electric Tesla Cybertruck was recently unveiled on public display in a Tesla store.

Photo Credit: YouTube

Tesla recently unveiled the all-electric Cybertruck on public display for the first time ever in an official capacity.

Black Friday shoppers visiting the Tesla store in San Diego's Westfield UTC Mall were some of the first consumers to see the vehicle up close and personal.

Sawyer Merritt (@SawyerMerritt) posted news of the debut on X, formerly known as Twitter, including a YouTube video of the Cybertruck's public display where viewers could get a thorough look at the pickup from all sides.

After accumulating as many as 2 million pre-orders since its initial introduction back in 2019, Tesla fans were delighted to have another glimpse prior to the first Cybertruck deliveries set for November 30.

Getting more people to visit showrooms will also help electric vehicles effectively reach the next wave of consumers who may be curious about battery-powered cars and trucks, according to Bloomberg reporters Olivia Rockeman and Dana Hull, who said the truck was on display at several Tesla showrooms across the country.

Shoppers may also have questions regarding the benefits of EVs, such as receiving a tax credit for purchasing an electric vehicle, and the positive impacts that these vehicles can have on the environment in comparison to gas-guzzling cars.

EVs are known to produce less air pollution than vehicles running on gasoline, and a medium-sized EV produces 60-68% fewer greenhouse gases over its lifetime than the typical gas-powered car.

Switching our modes of transportation to less harmful alternatives, such as public transport and EVs, can help build a greener future for the planet.

According to Kelley Blue Book, the Tesla Cybertruck electric pickup is made from SpaceX steel, offers great payload and towing capabilities, has a range of up to 500 miles, and is expected to be priced at around $50,000.

The original post quickly began generating buzz as the video attracted a lot of attention, most of it positive, from X users.

"How exciting! Can't wait to check one out," one user replied.

"Hoping they'll have one soon in Oregon!" a Tesla fan mentioned.

Some questioned the size and shape, while another spoke to the mystery that has surrounded the Cybertruck in the years since it was first announced, saying, "Too bad they can't tell us anything about it." 

Most agreed it was a good opportunity to get an up-close look at the latest iteration of a truck that has been in development for so long, typically only seen in aerial shots or hasty recordings of test drives on public roads. 

"This video is the best view I have seen of the truck," another user added. "I really like the finish."

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