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New company is 'breaking the limits' with revolutionary electric vehicle that is half boat, half RV: 'Blending the lines of recreational mobility'

"It's impressive that this can serve as both a boat and an RV."

"It's impressive that this can serve as both a boat and an RV."

Photo Credit: SeaLVan

One Turkish company is "breaking the limits" of what a recreational vehicle can be, combining a caravan camper trailer and a boat into one futuristic vehicle, Electrek reported.

A car that can turn into a boat — known as an amphibious car — is something that most people would associate with James Bond movies. But the idea isn't actually as far-fetched as that. There are several amphibious cars that already exist in concept and even a few that exist in real life.

The Sealvan, as it has been named, is the first that doubles as a caravan trailer, "blending the lines of recreational mobility," as Electrek put it. And even better, the company offers an all-electric version as an optional add-on. Neither the price of the electric nor the standard version has been released yet.

According to the Department of Energy, switching from a standard gas-powered car to an electric vehicle saves around 10,000 pounds of air pollution per year. That number would be even higher when switching from an even more inefficient gas-powered RV to an electric version.

As would probably be the case with any first-of-its-kind vehicle, the Electrek commenters were uniformly skeptical of how well the Sealvan might function out in the world.

"Unfortunately, while this looks kind of fine as a travel trailer, it looks pretty severely limited as a boat," wrote one commenter.

"It's impressive that this can serve as both a boat and an RV, but most machines that aim to bridge the gap between 2 established classes of machine end up being bad at both functions," wrote another.

This might end up being a "believe it when you see it" type of situation, or the Sealvan might end up existing simply as a novelty — but, either way, it's definitely cool to see the limits being pushed in terms of what an electric vehicle can be.

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