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This electric lawn-mowing robot can trim your entire lawn for you: 'Complete game-changer'

"The greenest and most reliable tool in your arsenal."

Scythe mower, electric lawnmowing robot

Photo Credit: Scythe Robotics

A new startup is offering game-changing lawn care technology: a fully automated, all-electric robot lawnmower called Scythe.

Scythe Robotics announced its first product launch in 2021 after spending three years in quiet development. The exciting new tech has since made the rounds on Instagram and Twitter

Scythe Robotics posted a video of its robot mower in action, demonstrating a range of features and functions that will make it a valuable asset for lawn care.

In the video, an operator rides the large mower around the edge of a lawn once to map it. The mower then starts running by itself, cutting the grass in tidy rows. 

It correctly identifies trees and people in its path, stopping or navigating safely around depending on the type of obstacle. When it detects smaller objects in the way, it sends a message to the operator to move them so it can continue to mow and waits until the operator is out of the way before continuing.

A Scythe mower could improve efficiency and save time for individual homeowners and lawn care companies alike. Not only is this technology convenient to use, it's also designed to minimize environmental impact. An electric mower doesn't produce air pollution like a gas-powered one, so it's healthier for the user and the planet. 

"Scythe's all-electric drivetrain makes it the greenest and most reliable tool in your arsenal," the video explains. It also includes actual audio of a Scythe mower in action — demonstrating that it's much quieter than a gas-powered mower.

Comments on the video were overwhelmingly positive, with many users calling Scythe cool or amazing. 

"This is a badass mower! Complete game changer for a growing business!" says one commenter. 

The Colorado Technology Association apparently agrees. Scythe Robotics was named as a finalist in the Emerging Tech Company of the Year category at its 2023 APEX Awards.

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