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New data shows a major issue with electric vehicles is getting resolved — and it could change our driving habits forever

EVs can now match the range of gas-powered cars.

Range anxiety

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A report by Bloomberg revealed that the average range of electric vehicles (EVs) has increased significantly, an added bonus to their already cost-efficient nature that simultaneously solves one of the main hangups for prospective buyers. 

Many potential EV owners have long been concerned about "range anxiety," or the concern over whether EVs can travel long distances on a single charge. Another worry? Finding charging stations on long trips

But new advancements have allowed for the range of EVs to steadily increase, with the average range going from 260 miles per charge in 2020 to 291 in 2022. Overall, the average range since 2011 has quadrupled, according to Axios

EVs can now match the range of gas-powered cars, with Evercharge reporting that the average gas-based vehicle travels between 250-300 miles on a single tank. 

In addition, the number of charging stations in the United States is growing. The International Energy Agency reports that public EV charging stations were up 40% in 2021. And in the coming years, 35 U.S. states will be getting a combined 500,000 chargers, thanks to new government policies. 

EVs offer a wide range of benefits for buyers, the biggest being that you'll never have to stop for gas. While you will need to pay for the electricity that charges the car, that typically costs the equivalent of $1.20 per gallon, according to the U.S. Department of Energy

An added bonus is that EVs are more environmentally friendly than gas-powered cars. 

When gasoline is used to power a car, it sends polluting gases into the atmosphere, which are both dangerous for humans to inhale and a major source of rising global temperatures. A typical car creates 10,000 pounds of these gases per year. 

The range of EVs can vary based on factors like climate control, weather, and speed, but they are on the right path to becoming an even more popular, cost-effective transportation option. Companies like Toyota are expanding their production of EVs, and even delivery companies like Domino's are expressing interest — showcasing just how much money these vehicles can save. 

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