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From Ram's 'premature electrification' to Will Ferrell's zombie apocalypse, this year's Super Bowl ads had 1 common theme

From a zombified Will Ferrell to Ram's 'premature electrification' commercial, EVs shined during Super Bowl LVII.

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While the long-awaited matchup between the Kansas City Chiefs and Philadelphia Eagles was called Super Bowl LVII, it could've just as easily been called Super Bowl EV.

The big game's commercials didn't disappoint this year, with huge stars like Bryan Cranston, Serena Williams, and Steve Martin making appearances. Still, many of the Super Bowl's all-star ads focused on the electrification of American vehicles.

Jeep, Ram, and General Motors stole the show this year with some riotously funny commercials. Here's a breakdown of Super Bowl LVII's best electric vehicle (EV) ads.

Ram's 'Premature Electrification'

Anxious about your electric car's "performance?" No need to worry. In this innuendo-filled spot, comedian Jason Jones eased drivers' range anxiety by explaining that the Ram 1500 REV would be able to "get you there." So no need to fear "premature electrification." With Ram's first electric pickup truck, you'll have no trouble attaining satisfaction.


Jeep's 'Electric Boogie'

Jeep's 'Electric Boogie'

Until Super Bowl LVII, few Americans could say that they'd seen elephants, sloths, or snakes dance the Electric Slide. In Jeep's latest push to sell its 4xe models, the brand showcased its newest tagline — "freedom is electric" — by showing adventurers passing by seemingly the entire animal kingdom doing the "Boogie Woogie Woogie." What the commercial didn't mention is that these EVs may come with $7,500 tax credits.


GM and Netflix's 'Why not an EV?'

GM and Netflix's 'Why not an EV?'

Will Ferrell really came alive (and unalive) in this General Motors (GM) and Netflix joint ad, highlighting both that GM is going all-electric and that Netflix will be using more EVs in its shows. The commercial hinted that Netflix could include GM's electric models in shows and movies like Squid Game and Army of the Dead, but that it "shalln't" put them in shows where they don't belong (like Bridgerton). Either way, both companies proved they want to "give EVs the stage they deserve." 

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