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EV manufacturer's latest vehicle feature could revolutionize how drivers maintain their cars: 'Like a dedicated personal trainer'

"This technology allows us to uniquely customize our model to accurately fit a battery."

"This technology allows us to uniquely customize our model to accurately fit a battery."

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Advancements in electric vehicle technology rely on electric battery performance to keep up.

Concerns among prospective and existing EV customers include worries over long-term battery health and the cost of replacement, as well as fears about whether the vehicles will be able to make long trips on a single charge — or at least with minimal stops.

That's why Electra Vehicles has been working on batteries linked to artificial intelligence that can give regular, personalized updates on battery health and how to optimize performance. The company calls the battery management system as being "like a dedicated personal trainer."

The EVE-Ai 360 uses software to analyze a battery's output, and Electra Vehicles suggests this will allow you to get the most from your electric vehicle and extend its lifespan.

For example, the EVE-Ai 360 suggests power output based on the battery's energy level, which stops limits from being exceeded that can be detrimental to a battery's longevity.

It can also suggest the best times to allow your battery to rest and recover, which can reduce the strain on a battery.

Furthermore, it uses data collected to anticipate issues that may soon arise, as well as provides information on how to avoid these problems. 

"Electra has hybrid algorithms that combine physics modeling and AI and run in the cloud and on embedded devices," vice president of engineering at Electra Dilip Warrier said in a statement, shared by Business Wire. "This technology allows us to uniquely customize our model to accurately fit a battery." 

According to a study published in the Transportation Research Interdisciplinary Perspectives journal and shared by Science Direct, potential customers cited a number of issues surrounding batteries as reasons not to switch to an electric car

Insufficient public charging stations came in second on the list, followed by high battery replacement costs. Long charging time and limited battery range were sixth and seventh on the list of inhibitors, respectively, while limited battery life came in ninth.

The first issue is being addressed, with government initiatives helping to increase the availability of charging points. The EVE-Ai 360 could address all of the subsequent problems.

If it can increase battery life, replacement wouldn't be so much of an issue. Meanwhile, improving battery health will lower charging times and optimize range, and a healthy battery will last longer.

Switching from dirty-fuel-powered cars to electric vehicles is essential for the health of the planet. The Energy Information Administration estimates gas and diesel consumption in the motoring sector accounted for 30% of the United States' energy pollution in 2022.

Electric vehicles produce no tailpipe pollution out on the roads, and if power from electrical grids is increasingly provided by renewable sources, the polluting impact is further reduced.

What's more, EVs are far better for air quality, emitting no harmful gases or particulate matter that can lead to a range of heart and lung problems. 

If the EVE-Ai 360 can alleviate battery concerns, maybe more clean electric vehicles will populate the nation's roads.

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