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Automotive enthusiast reveals impressive interior of Lamborghini's futuristic concept car in video: 'In love [with] the Lanzador'

"This is the direction Lamborghini is headed in."

impressive interior of Lamborghini

Photo Credit: @ferrerof / TikTok

Luxury sports car manufacturer Lamborghini caught the attention of the internet when it revealed its first ever fully electric model — the Lanzador — at the recent Monterey Car Week. 

Now, a TikTok video from an Italian automotive journalist filmed at Monterey Car Week gives us our most in-depth look at the Lanzador yet.

@ferrerof New Lamborghini Lanzador❗️I'm inside ‼️ In love the Lanzador interior 🤯 The first full electric Lamborghini is Ultra GT 2+2 #Lanzador #lamborghini #lamborghinilanzador #thequail #montereycarweek #conceptcar #carswithoutlimits #FerreroF #italiancars #carinfluencer #autoappassionati #Lambo ♬ Ma Baker - Boney M.

Journalist Federico Ferrero, aka FerreroF (@ferrerof), takes his 252,000 followers on a tour of the Lanzador as he dances around the electric sports car. Although he offers no commentary, he points at various aspects of the car that he seems to think should draw the audience's focus. 

It is mainly a surface-level look at aesthetics, with him pointing at parts of the exterior and interior enthusiastically and giving the thumbs-up.

"New Lamborghini Lanzador," FerreroF wrote in the caption on the TikTok. "I'm inside! In love [with] the Lanzador interior. The first full electric Lamborghini is Ultra [Gran Turismo] 2 + 2."

Although Lamborghini is perhaps one of the last car brands that fans would have expected to go electric, the Lanzador signals a full industry-wide shift toward more environmentally sustainable vehicles.

According to a press release from the Italian company, "The new concept car is part of a broad strategy to reduce CO2 emissions and embrace a more sustainable vision for the future."

"A future of electrification: this is the direction Lamborghini is headed in, while holding firmly to the brand's hallmarks of performance, cutting-edge technologies, exclusive design, and its position as a leader in the luxury automotive sector," it added.

Unfortunately, for any customers who like the looks of this vehicle and also have a couple hundred thousand dollars to spare, the Lanzador is simply a concept car at the moment and won't actually be coming out for quite some time. The model is currently slated to be released in 2028.

Commenters on FerreroF's videos were somewhat mixed on their reactions to the Lanzador, which is certainly something of a departure from what Lamborghini fans have come to expect, even though it's not wholly unexpected to see more luxury sports car brands test the EV market.

"I love the aggressive modern look of it, but man that airbag is tiny," wrote one commenter.

"I love how it looks. Makes the Urus cooler if you ask me," wrote another.

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