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Lamborghini sends internet into a tailspin with viral image of its first-ever all-electric model: 'That's a gorgeous car'

"Why can't other brands make a really nice-looking EV SEDAN instead of all these clown cars they make now."

Lamborghini, First-ever all-electric model

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Lamborghinis have been some of the world's most coveted luxury sports cars for decades, but the Italian company has shied away from the electric vehicle market — until now. The company just unveiled a concept model of its very first 100% electric vehicle at Monterey Car Week (you can see the images here).

The car, called the Lanzador, will be released in 2028, according to Lamborghini. Although the company is developing plug-in hybrids — one called the Revuelto, another the updated version of the Urus SUV — the Lanzador will be its first fully electric model.

The specs of the Lanzador have not yet been released (we don't know how fast it will accelerate from 0 to 60 miles per hour, for instance), but Lamborghini's head of design, Mitja Borkert, offered some description to Auto Week, saying, "The proportions are new, with the potential to create an entirely new automotive segment. The Lanzador presents super sports car volumes but with the pilot in a slightly higher position, echoing that of the Huracán Sterrato."

Tech Crunch, reporting from Monterey Car Week, described the Lanzador as a car with "an unusual shape, a tall coupe that looks to draw in the practicality and comfort of a crossover SUV while still delivering the driving dynamics of a sporty GT with 2+2 seating."

Business Insider took an early spin in one and said the "future looked stunning":

Electrek was somewhat underwhelmed in its response to the concept model, mainly due to its far-off release date, writing, "An all-electric Lamborghini is exciting, but considering it won't arrive until 2028 at the earliest, it loses some of its glamour. With other all-electric hypercars already on the market, Lamborghini is already behind with another five years until its first EV release."

Other electric hypercars expected to beat Lanzador to market include the Lucid Air Sapphire and the second-generation Tesla Roadster.

"I understand that this is a Lambo, thus will be expensive. But my first reaction was WOW!  That's a gorgeous car," wrote one Electrek commenter. "Then my thought went to why can't other brands make a really nice-looking EV 'SEDAN' instead of all these clown cars they make now."

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