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Expert traveler shares private first-class experience aboard high-speed rail: 'Look how modern it looks'

"It seems brand-new."

"It seems brand-new."

Photo Credit: TikTok

The future of transportation is not as far off as we may have thought. It is already here.

A video posted by TikTok couple Adriana and Dylan (@2passports1dream) shows the duo excited to ride first-class on a high-speed rail in Indonesia, enjoying the spacious, luxurious, and sleek design. 

@2passports1dream We did not expect a private cabin 😍 . This first class train from Jakarta to Bandung in Indonesia is insane 🤯🇮🇩 #bandung #indonesia #jakarta #train ♬ original sound - 2Passports1Dream

Transportation plays a huge role in our daily lives. Unfortunately, this also leaves a lasting impact. In the United States, the Congressional Budget Office says transportation is responsible for nearly two-fifths of planet-warming pollutants in the atmosphere, surpassing the electric power sector. Globally, it contributes about 25% of energy-related air pollution, estimated to result in over 3.2 million premature deaths, according to the United Nations

"Look how modern it looks," Dylan says.

Upon walking inside the train, Dylan shows single seats on one side and doubles on the other. 

"It seems brand-new," Adriana says, enjoying the reclining chair and pull-out table. 

The excitement in the video is a sample of what many are anticipating. With the U.N. predicting the world population will grow by 2 billion in the next 30 years, there will be unequal strain on public transportation systems. Roughly 49.5% of those in urban areas have access to public transportation, creating a gap in resources. 

High-speed rail systems provide solutions to many challenges we face, including access to faraway destinations, an increase in economic activity, and a reduction in air pollutants that would otherwise be released by vehicles. 

In China, high-speed rail has reduced harmful air pollution by as much as 11.2 million metric tons (12.3 million tons) yearly. Spain's construction of the most extensive system in the European Union, reducing costs by as much as 61%, combines efficiency with cost-effectiveness. 

In addition to enabling mobility, efficient transportation can promote community and reduce the number of vehicles on the road, significantly cutting toxic pollution and making our air cleaner. 

The video received significant praise for acknowledging innovation in the Southeast Asian island nation, with one TikToker commenting: "Thank you for visiting Indonesia. We love you." 

Another user summed up the awe by simply writing, "Wooow amazing."

Governments and companies continue to weigh in on how we can get around in faster, cheaper, and less harmful ways, committing to the goal of making our planet and wallets happy together.

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