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Genesis woos car enthusiasts with stunning new designs for its EV lineup: 'Timeless design and sophisticated craftsmanship'

"Okay weird but kind of cool?"

"Okay weird but kind of cool?"

Photo Credit: Genesis

If ever the Genesis X Gran Berlinetta and BYD Yangwang U9 meet in a dark alley somewhere, a colorful, high-powered (and even dance-filled) scene would likely ensue. 

Genesis, Hyundai's luxury brand, is at the beginning of another chapter for its electric vehicle line after releasing details on two concept programs: the Neolun SUV and the Magma lineup of vehicles. The latter grouping includes the Berlinetta (think race car from the planet Saturn) — and is focused on high performance. 

It's an answer to luxury offerings in the space from BYD and other brands that Electrek calls Genesis' "tech beacon."

The Magma group includes a coupe, promoted in a stunning orange that lives up to its fiery name. The goal for this line of cars is "sporty driving with excellent comfort," according to the maker. A promo video clip showcases a unique horizontal light design.

"Genesis Magma presents an exciting opportunity to push the boundaries of performance and luxury for new interpretations in high-performance vehicles," Genesis chief creative officer Luc Donckerwolke told Electrek. 

For Neolun, Genesis designers created a smooth exterior, featuring horizontal two-line lamps and star-shaped rims. 

"It's the epitome of timeless design and sophisticated craftsmanship," Donckerwolke said about the Neolun, or New Moon, in the story

The interior fits the name, with a futuristic design that you half expect to be capable of taking you to the moon, though it's not altogether different from the inside of a Tesla. The blue color scheme and use of white space are inspired by Korean nights and the country's traditional aesthetics, all per Genesis. 

The reports didn't list an expected price for the EVs. The brand's GV60 electric SUV starts at $52,000, for reference. It has a reported range of nearly 300 miles and can charge up to 80% in about 18 minutes, all per Genesis.

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All this is part of an overall strategy from the company to phase gas-guzzlers out entirely between 2025-30, as Kelley Blue Book notes. Genesis sold 6,403 EVs in the United States last year, nearly a 300% increase, according to multiple reports. There were a record 1.2 million EVs sold in the U.S. in 2023. 

Though many EV makers are focused on low-cost cars for mass appeal, luxury design seems to be trending upward. BYD's Yangwang U9 sports car clocks in at more than $233,000. 

With its latest models, Genesis is maintaining its luxurious reputation while also working toward its all-EV goal. If the brand can be among the first automakers to pull off the switch, it would be a huge benchmark for the transportation sector. 

Electric rides are a cleaner option than fossil-burners, despite concerns about invasive mining required to gather the lithium used in EV batteries. In fact, during the course of a decade, EV drivers prevent 100,000 pounds of pollution from fuming into the air. The TCD Guide also notes that they can save up to $10,000 on gas and maintenance costs. 

In the meantime, automakers will likely continue to debut interesting concepts, with hopes of appealing to a wider range of customers. 

"Okay weird but kind of cool? Might be a bit … hearse-like but hopefully less so in the production version," one reader commented about the Neolun in the Electrek story.

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