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Company develops do-it-yourself home-building kit with giant blocks that snap together like Lego: 'I find the concept very original'

"It offers the possibility for self-builders to consider projects at reasonable prices."

“It offers the possibility for self builders to consider projects at reasonable prices.”

Photo Credit: Gablok

Move over, Minifigs. It turns out that humans can live in snap-together homes, as well. 

Belgium-based Gablok offers a do-it-yourself home-building kit that leverages the basic connection principle from the popular Lego brick toys. 

"The concept … was inspired by interlocking building block toys, which we've been enjoying since a young age," the company said on its website. 

The project was founded in 2019 by Gabriel Lakatos. He developed it into a four-step plan for home construction: Design, 3D modeling, delivery, and assembly. Some homes can be snapped together within six days, Gablok claims

And, just like any Lego kit, the parts come with instructions. All that you need for assembly are a screwdriver, a ladder, and the instructions. 

There are eight key pieces builders receive, including some wooden wall, rafter, and flooring elements. The unique parts are the insulated blocks that form much of the structure. They are the pieces that resemble Lego bricks. 

Those insulated wooden blocks are stacked to form the structure of the home. There is no glue — or construction knowledge — needed, all per Gablok. 

The blocks are made from compressed, recyclable wood chips and strands, and a natural resin. The insulation is made from polystyrene, a plastic that can expand "to 40 times its size and volume," the company states. That means the insulation is 98% air, making it a fantastic insulator. It's part of the way the system is "eco-responsible," all per the company. 

"I find the concept very original," Pascal S. noted in testimonials published by Gablok. "It offers the possibility for self-builders to consider projects at reasonable prices." 

There doesn't appear to be a price plan on the Gablok website. And, the setup is for the structure's shell. The foundation and finishing touches are extras. 

DIY alternatives to building a home should be welcome news. It costs $329,000 on average to construct a house in the United States. That doesn't include the land, according to Forbes. 

The team from Belgium isn't alone in looking to Lego for solutions. A Dutch company is using blocklike structures to help rebuild coral reefs. Lego even has a program that collects used bricks, giving them to children's nonprofits. The ideas are proof that there are many journeys to a more sustainable lifestyle, some derived from toys. 

Lakatos said on Gablok's website that he has more than 25 years of experience in traditional builds. Now, he is using that knowledge, and a love for Lego, to help make sustainable structures.

"I find the concept revolutionary," customer Anne-Marie V. said on the company's website. 

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