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Tesla driver sparks outrage with photo of obnoxious behavior from another driver: 'This seems deliberate'

"We're supposed to act in a civilised way."

"We’re supposed to act in a civilised way."

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One of the downsides of owning an electric vehicle is having to find charging stations.

So, when a driver with a non-hybrid internal combustion engine takes a charging spot, it can be all the more frustrating.

A Reddit user on Oct. 16 shared the bad behavior of one such individual, posting a photo that showed a Ford F-150 Raptor in a parking lot. Not only did the truck driver stop in front of a bank of Tesla chargers, but they also took up two spots.

Ford F-150
Photo Credit: u/o0260o / Reddit

"If you don't know how to park you shouldn't be driving," one commenter wrote.

Another said: "I think they know how, this seems deliberate."

"Icing" chargers is just one example of contemptible conduct individuals exhibit because they want to prove, well, something to environmentally conscious citizens.

"It's only a matter of time until parking a gasoline engine car in a charging spot to 'own the libs' becomes the new 'rolling coal,'" one Redditor noted.

Rolling coal is when drivers use illegally modified exhaust systems to spew toxic pollutants at tens to hundreds of times the level of legal tailpipes. Drivers have been documented getting pulled over for such offenses, whether they're committed against other motorists or even bicyclists.

In general, EVs cost 60% less to power up than gas-dependent automobiles, according to the Natural Resources Defense Council. Some electrics are pricier to buy than ICE cars and trucks, but owners can save on maintenance costs as well.

The environmental benefits of EVs also include saving lives, Earthjustice reported.

"Air pollutants from gasoline- and diesel-powered vehicles cause asthma, bronchitis, cancer, and premature death," the site states. "The health impacts of localized air pollution last a lifetime, with the effects borne out in asthma attacks, lung damage, and heart conditions."

Earthjustice cited a 2015 study that showed purchasing a gallon of gas included $3.80 in health and environmental costs, while a gallon of diesel tacked on $4.80.

Many states and municipalities have statutes against parking in electric vehicle charging spots, and some penalties even include towing.

As for this instance of wrongdoing, one Reddit user channeled George Costanza: "You know, we're living in a society! We're supposed to act in a civilised way!"

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