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Bicyclist shares moment of 'karmic justice' after coal-rolling truck gets pulled over by police: 'It [was] amazing'

"I'm still shaking because of how awesome it was."

Coal-rolling truck gets pulled over by police

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The joy of karmic retribution can bring a smile to anyone's face.

Complaints about "coal rolling" have been in the spotlight lately, primarily with Tesla drivers on the receiving end, but victims of the petty practice aren't limited to drivers of electric vehicles. A bicyclist from Western Massachusetts shared their story.

They were riding home when someone rolled coal on them — or intentionally spewed them with noxious exhaust from a modified diesel vehicle.

"This dude fails to see the environmental police officer traveling in the other direction who then flicks his lights on, whips around, and flies after the guy," the biker wrote. "Half a mile down the road he's pulled over on the shoulder and as I pass them the officer says to me 'Don't worry, I saw that.'"

"I don't understand the point of 'coal rolling,'" one Reddit user wrote. "Is it just some macho thing where you think that being a giant d*** makes you more of a man?"

Another said, "Reporting from Texas. I thought you were joking about environmental police. A county [sheriff] would have given the dude a thumbs up."

The practice of coal rolling is usually targeted at pedestrians, cyclists, and drivers of EVs. It can produce 40 to 100 times the pollution of a standard automobile, according to the Sierra Club.

Rolling coal is illegal under the Clean Air Act since it involves "tampering with a vehicle's emissions control system," per the Environmental Protection Agency, but states have different statutes and enforcement levels.

Good news for the poster, the Bay State is one that takes it seriously.

"I have the biggest karmic justice high right now," they wrote, "and I'm still shaking because of how awesome it was."

Many commenters wondered about the mention of the environmental police, which is, indeed, a thing.

"The mission of the Massachusetts Environmental Police is to protect the environment and natural resources of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts through enforcement, education, and public outreach," according to the MEP website.

The nitrogen oxides, particulate matter, and other toxins produced by rolling coal cause premature death in people with heart or lung disease, heart attacks, irregular heartbeat, aggravated asthma, decreased lung function, and respiratory symptoms such as irritation of the airways, coughing, or difficulty breathing, the EPA stated. It also increases ground-level ozone pollution.

"Similar thing happened to me once," one commenter wrote. "Dude totally buzzed me while passing when there was no oncoming traffic (not that that's an excuse). I immediately heard a siren fire up behind me. Somehow the jerk didn't notice the cop behind him. As I passed, the cop gave me the 'I've got this under control' look. I said 'Thanks!' Made my day."

Another wrote, "Glad to hear some places have laws and enforcement of these arrogant, inconsiderate a******* and their stupid jacked-up trucks."

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