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This electric motorcycle can travel 230 miles after charging for just 25 minutes: 'I have never seen a bike like this'

"This thing is an absolute beast."

Electric motorcycle

Photo Credit: @the_cool_down / Instagram

With their increased efficiency and planet-friendly footprint, electric vehicles are really having a moment — and now, one company has developed an exciting new electric motorcycle.

The Verge TS motorcycle from Finland-based manufacturer Verge Motorcycles boasts a sleek, futuristic design and an impressive array of stats. The bike uses the same charging port as a typical EV, and the most advanced model (called the TS Ultra) can drive for 233 miles on a single charge. It can undergo a fast charge in just 25 minutes and can speed from zero to 60 in 2.5 seconds.

"I have never seen a bike like this," TikTok tech reviewer @dapoets says in a viral video, which was reposted on Instagram. "This is the electric bike that I would wanna get … This thing is an absolute beast." 

Perhaps the TS's most revolutionary feature is its motor, which is built directly into the bike's back wheel. With the motor occupying this unusual space, there's more room in the middle of the bike for a battery pack. According to Verge's website, this means that "all of the power is transferred straight to the road."

The TS features a massive integrated touchscreen that reports all the important metrics and data for drivers. There are also four preset driving modes that change the riding experience for different situations.

There are currently three different models — the Verge TS Ultra, the Verge TS Pro, and the base model Verge TS — available for reservation online. The TS, which is the base model, starts at a price of just under $27,000.

"For me what matters the most in a bike is its performance, look, and how it handles in extreme situations," Artu Stenberg, a professional stunt rider, says on Verge's website. "The Verge TS ticks all those boxes. With its low center of gravity, insane torque, and its sleek, innovative design the Verge TS is arguably the best bike to ride in its category."

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