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Dell will give you major discounts in exchange for your old laptops and computer supplies — here's how to take advantage

In Dell's words, "It's the best way to say goodbye to your favorite device."

Dell Reconnect

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Dell features a program — Dell Reconnect — that will help you get rid of all of the unused electronics around your house and save you money at the same time. All you have to do is send in your old electronics to receive credit toward a Dell product. 

In Dell's words, "It's the best way to say goodbye to your favorite device." 

How does the Dell Reconnect program work? 

The program is simple. The service will prompt you to answer some questions about your device — it might be helpful to have it near you so you can get to the information easily. The site will ask questions about the model, if it is damaged, and its storage capacity. 

It will give you a quote for how much credit you'll receive and give you directions about how to send the product in. Once it's there, you will then receive store credit

From there, the materials are recycled and reused. 

The best part is that this program is available for any electronics — it does not have to be a Dell product. 

Why should I turn in my electronics? 

Programs like Dell Reconnect are the perfect way to get rid of the electronics cluttering up your house with little hassle while saving you money. 

They also allow you to upgrade your technology more regularly — you won't need to save up for as long for a new device if you're turning in your old one and other old electronics at the same time. 

An added bonus to saving money and decluttering your house is that these programs are great for the environment. 

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, "[The] average American household uses about 28 electronic products." These electronics contain a variety of materials, such as gold, palladium, and platinum, that require considerable time and money to obtain. 

Throwing out electronics composed of these materials instead of recycling them and reusing the material is a waste. The EPA reports that harvesting these materials "[uses] large amounts of energy" which creates planet-warming gases while simultaneously exhausting our limited natural resources.  

Additionally, when these materials end up in landfills, they leach toxic chemicals that pollute the air and waterways, the recycling website Scrapwear reports. 

Are there similar programs to Dell Reconnect? 

Yes! There are similar programs for electronics as well as other items. 

This program by Staples allows you to turn in old electronics, and so does this one from Amazon. If you're looking to recycle a camera, Nikon has a great trade-in program for cameras. 

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