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Expert gardener shares hack for dealing with massive piles of yard debris: 'Not everyone gets taught things like these'

"Thanks for sharing."

"Thanks for sharing."

Photo Credit: TikTok

If you find your green bins frequently overflowing, try this quick trick to help you save space.

The scoop

NathansLawnsandGardens (@nathanslawnsandgardens) shared a TikTok trick to cut down (literally) on excess green waste like leaves, hedges, and grass.

"I had to trim some hedges, and It would've needed about two big green bins to fill … all I'm doing is setting my lawnmower on the highest setting … and I'm just going back and forth."

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Transforming excess green waste into fine clippings is easy with this simple method: Create a pile of the waste and repeatedly mow over it until the pile is finely chopped. Be mindful of your location and mower settings to prevent any damage to your mower blades, particularly on concrete surfaces like sidewalks.

How it's helping

If you're on a budget and can't invest in a chipper or shredder, your lawn mower can serve as a handy alternative. No more trips to the waste center or storing excess clippings until trash day rolls around — just take a few minutes, mow, and throw away.

If you'd rather, the clippings can be repurposed as mulch and added to your garden, lawn, or compost. 

Gardening offers numerous benefits beyond waste reduction. Stress relief is a major benefit of gardening, and numerous studies have shown that gardening reduces feelings of anxiety and depression and increases feelings of happiness and belonging. One study found that even just looking at plants reduced stress. 

Gardening also promotes physical health. The CDC recommends "150 minutes of moderate-intensity physical activity" each week, and gardening certainly counts. From digging and lifting to bending and planting, you'll stay active, all while growing your own food. 

Ready to turn over a new leaf? Explore our gardening guide and learn how to grow your own food.

What everyone's saying

Commenters appreciated the tip, although some were worried about their lawnmower's blades.

"Thanks for sharing," a user said. "Not everyone gets taught things like these."

"[W]hat about your mower blades? this might work for me since I have a mower dedicated to bush and wilds," asked one user.

Another user shared another piece of advice to save even more time: "I do this all the time but with my catcher on."

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