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Homeowner shares striking progress photos while replacing their grass lawn with a rocky oasis: 'Did you get a rebate?'

"This is amazing."

Xeriscaping to transform lawn

Photo Credit: u/over_the_pants_party / Reddit

One creative Redditor posted photos showing the r/NoLawns community how they turned their ordinary grass into a fascinating "dry creek bed."

Xeriscaping is landscaping that lowers or eliminates the need for added water. It can include landscaping with stone and gravel, choosing drought-resistant ground cover, or even planting native plants that are adapted to the natural rainfall in the area.

Many companies, like Yardzen, have begun to offer xeriscaping services in recent years because the movement away from lawns and toward varied designs has gotten more popular. Xeriscaped yards are low maintenance and require little water — a major advantage in times of drought and rising utility costs.

While many of these designs are simple, one homeowner's incredible xeriscaping plan took it to the next level with a clever imitation of the local landscape.

Xeriscaping Grass lawn
Photo Credit: u/over_the_pants_party / Reddit
Replacing their grass lawn with a rocky oasis, xeriscaping
Photo Credit: u/over_the_pants_party / Reddit

"Just finished the lawn conversion," the Redditor said in a post. "Can't wait for everything to fill in." The photos show the homeowner's journey from a run-of-the-mill lawn to a one-of-a-kind landscape.

First, the Redditor said they killed the grass by cutting off water to the lawn and applying vinegar. Then, they dug up the area with a small front loader they say they borrowed from work. They created a shallow trench running through the yard at an angle, then built up small hills in the area along the edge of the property. 

A plastic weed barrier and a load of loose stones turned the trench into a dry creek, while drip irrigation and mulch throughout the rest of the yard created the ideal bed for a scattering of desert plants.

"This looks like the Bay Area," one commenter said. "Did you get a rebate?" The original poster replied that it is the Bay Area and they did get a rebate. 

Some states and cities, including California, offer residents money to remove grass and replace it with xeriscaping. This helps conserve water in a time of severe drought.

"This is amazing," said another commenter.

"I love this so much," a third user agreed. "I can imagine how cool it will look after a heavy rain. Seems like it could provide a good habitat for frogs too."

Admiring Redditors aren't the only ones who approve of the original poster's new yard design. "Lizards are already loving the dry creek bed," the OP said.

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