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Expert shares 'life-changing' hack for cleaning outdoor windows spotless in minutes: 'They are streak-free and clean as a whistle'

"That's it! No need to wipe, dry, or squeegee."

“That’s it! No need to wipe, dry, or squeegee."

Photo Credit: @melskitchencafe / Instagram

Washing the windows is not typically a favorite activity, but it must be done. One Instagrammer has come up with a way to make it quick, inexpensive, and relatively easy. 

The scoop 

Mel (@melskitchencafe) uses her Instagram page to post a variety of helpful content, from recipes, to gift guides, to cleaning hacks.  

One of her posts is a tutorial on how to make sure your windows are spotless, and all it requires is a simple recipe: one gallon of warm water, two cups of vinegar, and a tablespoon of dish soap

Mel recommends a pair of rubber boots if you have them — the hack can be a bit of a messy (but worth it) endeavor. 

Using a rag or mop cloth, dip it in the mixture and shake off any excess, and then go ahead and scrub your windows — you'll want to get "corner to corner," Mel reminds viewers. 

Afterward, all you need to do is rinse with the hose and let your windows air-dry! 

"That's it! No need to wipe, dry, or squeegee," Mel says in the description, "Once the windows are dry, they are streak-free and clean as a whistle." 

How it's helping 

This hack is a great way to save money on cleaning supplies, because it uses items you'd typically have in your kitchen anyway. You may not have that much vinegar on hand, but even still, a bulk vinegar costs under $3. In contrast, one bottle of Windex for outdoor surfaces costs $12

Plus, any materials used on outdoor surfaces will eventually end up in the soil around your house, where your grass, flowers, and maybe even produce grows. 

This recipe has very few dangerous chemicals in it. Generic dish soap may not be the best substance to have in your soil, but just a tablespoon isn't enough to cause damage when mixed into over a gallon of liquid. And even better, vinegar is a natural weed-killer, so a bit of it in your yard or garden won't hurt. 

If you're interested in finding even more cost efficient, environmentally friendly cleaners, check out this all-natural spray for your countertops, or this glass cleaner. 

What everyone's saying 

Many comments on the post expressed relief over finding such an easy hack, "So simple, makes me want to try it! Our windows are always dirty," wrote one user. Another said, "This might quite literally be life changing. Thank you!" 

Others could attest to just how well the hack worked, "This recipe was amazing. Did all of my outdoor windows in no time and they turned out beautifully," wrote one commenter.

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