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Expert reveals nontoxic recipe for all-purpose cleaner that easily cuts through grime: 'I will never go back'

But don't use this on marble or granite countertops.

Lemon peels, Cleaning solution

Photo Credit: @relauren / TikTok

If you've been looking for a planet-friendly cleaning solution or a way to use leftover lemon skins, one TikToker might be able to help you out.

ReLauren (@relauren), who describes her page as "sustainability, skits & silliness," has revealed her tips for an all-purpose cleaner that smells great and kills bacteria. 

The scoop

In her TikTok video, ReLauren suggests that instead of throwing away lemon skins after juicing, you can keep them in a bowl in your fridge and use them later on. 

"The acid in lemon makes a powerful cleaner that can get rid of stains, break down bacteria, and neutralize odors," she said. 

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To turn it into a cleaning solution, she fills a jar with the lemon peels, adds distilled white vinegar and leaves it on the shelf for a couple of weeks until the solution turns a slightly brown color. 

You can then add the resulting liquid to a spray bottle to make a sustainable cleaning spray to use on surfaces around your house. 

How it's helping

In addition to being a great way to keep your kitchen free from germs and smelling fresh, ReLauren's advice helps you to save money and avoid toxic cleaning products while also providing a great way to make the most of lemon skins that could otherwise go straight in the trash. 

It's a cheap, sustainable solution to clean your home, and it's proving to be a hit if the comments are to be believed. 

What's everyone saying?

"I started doing this with all my citrus," one TikTok user commented. "I will never go back."

"Needed a new one. Just in time, thank you!" said another. 

"All purpose *and* non-toxic! Love it!" another user added. 

But amid all the praise and thanks, two TikTok commenters provided useful advice for anyone using the sustainable cleaning spray.

One said to avoid granite surfaces, while another said "don't use this on marble countertops." ReLauren replied: "Yikes - thank you!!"

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