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Home maintenance expert reveals simple trick that could add years to your washing machine's life: 'I never knew this'

"I'm scared to look at mine."

"I'm scared to look at mine."

Photo Credit: Instagram

Exactly how appliances work is truly a mystery for most of us. Social media has allowed appliance repair techs and home maintenance experts to show us just how much better our machines could be working. 

One such expert has a great tip for taking care of your washing machine. 

The scoop

Ken Long (@ken.c.long) is a contractor and carpenter who shares DIY tips and tricks on TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube. In a popular Instagram post, he showed viewers how to remove and clean the filter on a washing machine. He goes through the steps clearly and helpfully, making sure to clarify where someone might need a little extra help. 

He started by showing followers where the filter is located, next, he explained that the drain line must be emptied, "Whatever you do, don't unscrew the filter before draining the water." Following this, Ken unscrews the filter and shows viewers how to clean it and put everything back.

How it's helping

Hacks like this help your home appliances run better and more efficiently, which is likely to save you money on day-to-day laundry and the longevity of your machine. As Ken's caption says, "A clean filter = cleaner clothes." 

The Family Handyman said, "A clogged filter limits the washing machine's efficiency and can also lead to more lint deposits on clothes as well as poor drainage." 

Many of us are trying to make choices that have less of an impact on the planet, and simple things like cleaning a filter can help us reach that goal. Green Logic Energy reports that your washer and dryer use about 5% of the electricity in your home. Cleaning filters, washing on cold, and air drying can all help cut down on how much energy the laundry is costing you.

What everyone's saying

The post has thousands of comments, with many people saying some variation of, "I never knew this."

One person said, "Daaang I only just recently found out about the dishwasher filter." 

Another commenter wrote, "I'm scared to look at mine, I have never opened the filter since I bought the washer 3 years ago."

Many of us can relate to the fear of cleaning something long overdue!

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