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Shopper stunned to discover actual value of $20 light fixture purchased from thrift store: 'Totally worth the ordeal'

"They are gorgeous."

Visual Comfort chandelier

Photo Credit: u/FlaxxtotheMaxx/ Reddit

So, it's not exactly clear where this Redditor found a light fixture worth thousands of dollars being sold for just $20. In fact, their post almost provides more questions than answers.

With no additional context provided by the thrifter, their post's title reads: "Redneck engineered a ladder onto a [car jack stand] and a stack of textbooks to get this light fixture ($20) up."

They nabbed a $3,300 Nyra 30 Chandelier from Visual Comfort & Co. for a ridiculously good price.

"Holy s***!! Totally worth the ordeal," reads the first comment on the post. 

"I love Visual Comfort's fixtures. They are gorgeous!" added another Redditor, commenting on the striking and unique aesthetic of the fixture.

If nothing else, this serves as a great thrifting example, as it demonstrates the simple fact that it pays to be observant. A good deal on rare items can be found anywhere — if you care to look.

Besides the potential for making some serious money by flipping the item, thrifting is also a great help to the environment. By using products for as long as possible, consumers can reduce the number of resources wasted creating new products, especially when used ones can do the job just as well.

In either case — if you find a great deal on a chandelier, we strongly advise you to use a proper ladder instead of whatever "redneck engineered" method this thrifter used.

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