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Bargain hunter scores authentic, $350 cardigan at their local thrift store: 'Enjoy your find'

"I reassure you that cardigan is very real!"

Comme des Garçons, Sweater

Photo Credit: u/unreaL_saviD / Reddit

A Reddit user found an authentic Comme des Garçons cardigan at their local thrift store and blessed the r/ThriftStoreHauls subreddit with images of the piece. 

This find is proof that thrifting reaps great rewards. Finding a Comme des Garçons sweater that typically retails for prices upward of $350? Yes, please!

The benefits of sourcing your wardrobe from thrift stores extend far beyond finding incredible deals on high-quality, brand-name items. Thrifting is also extremely eco-friendly and fun, too.

With so many options out there, it can be tempting to continuously buy loads of new, trendy clothing. Temptation only increases when online shopping allows us to select new items with the click of a button, which can come with some very real consequences. 

Clothing is a huge source of waste. The clothing we buy often gets worn only a few times and then is tossed and finds its way to a landfill. Buying pre-loved clothing from a thrift store can reduce waste. 

Let's not forget another important benefit of thrifting –– it's fun! Sifting through racks and bins at a thrift store can feel like a treasure hunt. It's quite the adventure, and it can even become a social event if you take friends along with you. 

The adventure doesn't stop when you leave the store, either. Who doesn't love getting to respond to a compliment on their outfit with, "You'll never guess how I found it"? 

If you think the OP's find sounds too good to be true –– you're not alone. The original poster thought that was the case. "Bins find! probably fake, but super cute wool comme des garçons cardigan," writes the fortunate thrifter. 

Other users quickly put the OP's mind at ease, commenting with reassurance that this sweater was in fact authentic Comme des Garçons. 

"It actually looks authentic to me. Stitching is accurate on the heart and the CDG logo inside is correct. Manufacture tag is also correct," writes one user.

"OP I reassure you that cardigan is very real! Enjoy your find," writes another. 

This is your sign that it's time to adorn yourself in some high-quality thrifted 'fits that come with a great story to tell your friends. You never know what you could find!

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