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Shopper buys $400 Allen Edmonds shoes for an unreal discount while thrift shopping: 'Dress shoes that'll last forever'

"The thrift Gods were good to me this week."

Allen Edmonds shoes

Photo Credit: u/awskeetskeetmuhfugga /Reddit

Someone really stepped up their thrifting game with a seriously premium shoe find.

One thrifter took to Reddit to celebrate their miraculous good fortune — a pair of barely used Allen Edmonds (a brand that often retails for well over $400) for the low price of a mere $15.

The thrift gods were good to me this week. Almost new Allen Edmonds, $15. They cost almost $400 new.
by u/awskeetskeetmuhfugga in ThriftStoreHauls

"The thrift Gods were good to me this week," they say in their post. The user also includes several photos of the barely worn shoes, with the only noticeable wear being on the sole. No rips, no splotches on the fabric or leather — just a really nice, fresh pair of premium dress shoes.

"Allen Edmonds makes quality dress shoes that'll last forever," one commenter writes.

This means these shoes are not just dapper, but they will likely hold onto their value for some time, making them an ideal candidate to try and sell for a profit. 

But the original thrifter says the shoes will "break in nicely," so it seems they'll likely be holding onto them for personal wear. 

Approximately 300 million pairs of shoes wind up in landfills, many of which still have some life left in them. By wearing our shoes and clothes for as long as we can, we can help reduce unnecessary manufacturing and resource consumption that goes into making new ones. And we also help lower the amount of polluting gases that enter the atmosphere, which warm our planet.

If your shoes are truly worn down and have reached the point of degradation where they're hurting your feet, consider shopping for a secondhand pair to replace them. You'll be helping the environment and your wallet. And with any luck, you may find yourself in a similar situation to this Redditor, stumbling over a pair of premium shoes in your local thrift store.

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