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Homeowner reveals brilliant yard transformation through before-and-after photos: 'From costing you money to saving you money'

"Nothing is sweeter."

Yard transformation into Vegetable garden

Photo Credit: u/leafcutterfarm / Reddit

If you have a big lawn, you might be wondering what to do with all of that space. Instead of maintaining a bare stretch of grass, why not grow something that allows you to reap some real rewards?

One Redditor did just that by planting a vegetable garden. The poster shared before-and-after photos of what their yard looked like when they purchased their home and what it looks like now. 

In the first photo, the backyard is a wide stretch of mowed grass. The after photos show the poster's new garden, made up of rows and rows of all kinds of vegetables.

Vegetable garden
Photo Credit: u/leafcutterfarm / Reddit
Vegetable garden
Photo Credit: u/leafcutterfarm / Reddit

Their work isn't done, the original poster said. "More lawn to be removed and turned into veggies as quickly as we can make it happen!" they wrote.

Replacing your lawn with a garden can save you a good deal of money by reducing the need for water and pesticides. A garden can also shrink your grocery bills; instead of buying produce at the store, you can simply pop outside and pick what you need. 

Homegrown vegetables are also more nutritious than what you'd find at the supermarket. Because vegetables start to lose nutrients the moment they're harvested, the less time between getting your greens from the garden to the table, the better.

In addition to helping your wallet, switching from grass to garden is good for the Earth. You won't waste as much water with a vegetable garden, and using fewer pesticides means fewer harmful chemicals in the soil and your local flora and fauna.

Commenters shared admiration for the original poster's new garden. "From costing you money to saving you money," one wrote. "Nothing is sweeter than the taste of your own fruits and vegetables."

The poster doesn't plan on stopping with vegetables. "Our long-term plan is to turn this entire property into a native plant nursery," they shared.

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