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Woman shares how she snagged epic find on outdoor furniture: 'Nice score'

"So much better than for it to end up in a [landfill]."

"So much better than for it to end up in a [landfill]."

Photo Credit: TikTok

While you expect garbage cans to be the only things left on the curb, you'd be surprised at the number of valuable hidden gems people toss. One TikToker shared how she made the most of her curbside find, scoring a great deal in the process. 

The scoop

Sometimes, the saying, "One man's trash is another man's treasure," is literal. TikToker Sissy Lala Homesteading (@itssissylala) shared an easy hack for getting a big bargain by repurposing curbside castoffs, calling her discovery the "best curb find" ever. 

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After spotting wooden chairs on the curb, Lala loaded them into her van and drove them home. She explained she only needed a bit of soap, water, and paint to upcycle her "new" outdoor furniture, giving it a second life. 

Naturally, how you upcycle curbside furniture depends on its condition and type — what works for a used leather couch might differ from what helps an old lamp, of course. More often than not, figuring out how to fix up your find is half the fun. 

How it's helping

Repurposing curbside furniture saves you money. In Lala's case, a quick Google search showed the patio chairs would've cost over $100 new — and similar listings went up to $899 — but she scored them for free. As she remarked, it's fair game if it's on the curb. 

You could save thousands of dollars each year depending on how many items you find on the curb. One person claimed they spent about $380 upcycling a friend's kitchen, saving them over $12,000 on a full remodel, per BBC News. 

If you think about it, you're also helping the planet. Recycling and upcycling keep tons of trash out of landfills and drive down demand for the creation and shipping of new items, helping you maintain a healthy environment by reducing the pollution that's driving more extreme weather worldwide. Your community would benefit, too, since dumping grounds pollute soil, water, and air. 

Recycling and upcycling can lower your carbon footprint by reducing the amount of waste you create. You'll lead a more sustainable life if you decorate your home with curbside finds and leave your old items on the curb for others to take.

If you don't have neighbors, plenty of stores accept used furniture, gadgets, or knickknacks. For example, retailers like Costco and Best Buy have free e-cycling programs, letting you recycle your old electronics. Sometimes, they even offer store credit in exchange.

What people are saying

People appreciated this simple, cost-saving hack. "Nice score," one user commented, seemingly impressed by the great deal Lala found. 

"Good for you, so much better than for it to end up in a land fill," another pointed out. 

If you're like most commenters, you're probably impressed by Lala's luck. Finds like hers are more common than you'd think, though, and not just lucky. If you're ever in the market for something new, keep an eye out for items on the curb before visiting a store, or try finding, joining, or even starting a local "buy nothing" group on Facebook or elsewhere online.

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