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Gardener shares photo of their creative DIY seed-starter cups: 'Much better than the plastic starting kits they sell'

"I adore this!"

"I adore this!"

Photo Credit: iStock

One crafty Redditor is proving that with a bit of imagination, the packaging materials that come with online orders can be upcycled into functional, eco-friendly products.

The user took to the active r/Anticonsumption subreddit to share their clever creation: a stack of seed-starter cups made from repurposed brown packing paper.

"The stack of seed starter cups I made from packing material in a package I got this evening," the Redditor captioned the photo, which shows a tidy stack of hand-folded cups ready to nurture seedlings.

In a follow-up comment, the user explained their process: "This is actually brown packing paper! I use the same thing for strip mulching, along with cardboard. In that case, you just need to take off any tape or stickers, and make sure it is not glossy cardboard."

They added, "I use approximately 6 inch by 6 inch paper pieces, but some are smaller, like 5x5. It just depends on what I can harvest from the packing material paper piece. You can also use used paper towel and toilet paper rolls."

By repurposing materials that would otherwise go to the trash, this eco-conscious individual is not only saving money on gardening supplies but also reducing waste. Packaging accounts for nearly a third of municipal solid waste in the United States, and paper and paperboard make up a huge portion of that waste, according to Frontier Group. 

When we choose to reuse and upcycle packaging materials, we help divert waste from landfills, where it can take years to decompose and emit harmful methane gas. By reducing our reliance on single-use products, we also conserve natural resources and protect our oceans from pollution.

Small actions like this, when adopted by many, can have a significant impact on a more sustainable future. As one commenter put it, "Very nice and soooo much better than the plastic starting kits they sell."

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Another enthusiastic response read, "I adore this! Is it basically an origami box shape used on packing paper? I also love how they stack so they take up minimal space when you're not quite ready to use them."

So, next time you receive a package, consider how you might give the materials a second life. Your wallet and the planet will thank you.

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