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Gardener shares quick and savvy way to grow strawberries: 'I regrow them year after year for free'

"I planted a few 2 years ago now they are all over my garden."

"I planted a few 2 years ago now they are all over my garden."

Photo Credit: TikTok

A TikToker shared a simple hack for producing "unlimited" strawberries.

The scoop

Planted in the Garden (@plantedinthegarden) shared the easy steps to grow the delicious fruit from "one of my favorite plants." 

"Here's how I regrow them year after year for free," the creator said. "Most plants will produce runners. They are elongated stems that run horizontally and form a daughter plant. If you grab a small container, fill it with potting soil and place that plant on top while still attached to the stem, it will eventually form roots.

"After consistently watering for a week, you can cut the stem and separate the plant. I usually grow mine in containers, and they'll start producing next season."

@plantedinthegarden Unlimited strawberries If you're buying strawberry plants from nurseries, find one with runners (long stems with with tiny plants). These can be rooted and grown on to produce new plants or you can do this to your established strawberry plant in your garden. Strawberries will take time to establish, newly rooted plants in pots can be overwintered, either in a greenhouse or cold frame. Then planted by Spring. For the first year, the plant needs to develop strong roots and growth. Remove any emerging runners and flowers. I usually wait the second year before allowing the strawberries to fruit. . . . . . . . #strawberry #gardentips #gardening101 #strawberries #ideas #learning #gardentok #foryou ♬ Flowers - Miley Cyrus

If you blinked, you may have missed it, so a commenter clarified that the video showed immature plants that had started to grow in small, separate containers — but they all came from the same runner.

"Oh, I get it!" they wrote. "All the plants were connected through one branch! I was confused for a second!"

How it's helping

Growing your own food — especially unlimited supplies of tomatoes, onions, sweet potatoes, and more — can save you money at the store and benefit the environment by reducing demand for globally shipped fare.

Livestock accounts for much of the agriculture industry's pollution, but the overproduction of grains, fruits, and vegetables adds fertilizers and pesticides to our atmosphere and waterways.

We can reduce these impacts — agriculture contributes 11% of U.S. emissions — by opting for organic, planning meals in advance, serving small portions, eating more plant-based foods, minimizing consumption of red meat, saving leftovers, and composting, among other steps, all according to the Natural Resources Defense Council.

Gardens provide habitat for pollinators and other wildlife that protect our food supply and increase biodiversity as well.

Gardening has also been shown to lead to healthier eating habits, increased exercise, improved mental health, and reduced stress.

What everyone's saying

"Yup," one TikToker wrote. "I planted a few 2 years ago now they are all over my garden."

Another user stated: "God I love plants‼️"

"Awesome technique with different pots for each vine!" someone else said.

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