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Bargain hunter finds unbelievable 'dapper grandpa' look while browsing their local thrift store: 'What was old is now new'

"This is super sharp."

Tweed ensemble, dapper grandpa

Photo Credit: u/h5ien / Reddit

One lucky Redditor scored a "grandpa tweed ensemble" in a recent thrift store haul, and now everyone on Reddit is rushing out to get the look.

"I see your grandpa sweaters and I raise you my full grandpa tweed ensemble," the Redditor captions their series of images. 

The Redditor's photos show them wearing a tweed blazer over a tweed vest along with slacks and a striped collarless shirt. They say they scored the 'fit from a few places including a local thrift shop and Facebook Marketplace.

"I've been lately getting into 'classic' menswear a.k.a. dressing like a dapper grandpa," the Redditor writes. "Obviously thrift stores are a gold mine for such things."

Stylish thrift store hauls like this are not uncommon, especially if you love classic vintage looks as this Redditor does. 

According to some experts, vintage clothes stand the test of time because they were more carefully made and designed to last longer, generally because people had fewer garments in their closets than we do today. 

Modernity's obsession with fast fashion has taken clothing in the opposite direction of its vintage predecessors — the poorly made cheap items can stand only a few wears before they are destined for landfills. 

Shopping secondhand is also one of the best ways to save money. While this Redditor didn't share what they paid for their garments, many in the subreddit do share, and the savings can be significant, like this pair of Christian Louboutin ballet flats found for just $4.

Redditors had plenty of praise for the grandpa tweed getup. 

"This is super sharp," one Redditor writes. "Good finds and good eye to put those together!!"

Another user points out that thrift stores are always a decade or more behind the current styles, something they say is "pretty great," because fashion is so cyclical "you can always find something that works" they write. "[W]hat was old is now new and what was new is now old."

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