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This futuristic lawnmower could be the upgrade of your dreams — here's what makes it so special

The mowers come in a large variety of sizes.

Toro electric lawn mower

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As cities and states move to ban super-polluting gas-powered leaf blowers — over 100 now have — gas lawn mowers may be on the chopping block next.

California has already passed a law that will ban the sale of many gas lawn mowers in the coming years as part of its effort to limit air pollution. 

The state's Air Resources Board reported that using a gas mower for just one hour releases the same amount of asthma-worsening pollution as a car does on a 300-mile drive.

Now officials in several other states (from Minnesota to Delaware to Maine) have followed California's lead in attempting to outlaw these mega-polluting tools.

Luckily, there are tons of all-electric options for people looking to upgrade their lawn mowers without the inconvenience of government bans or pollution. Perhaps no brand is better positioned to lead on electric lawn mowers than Toro.

Which Toro electric lawn mower is best? 

When choosing the best Toro electric lawn mower, there are a few factors to keep in mind. The size of your yard and budget will probably be the two most important variables you'll need to consider. 

Toro electric lawn mowers come in various sizes, from small push mowers to larger self-propelled models. 

An excellent option for a push mower is the 60V Max 21-inch Stripe Mower. This $379 mower is ideal for yards less than half an acre in size and can run for about 50 minutes on a single charge. 

If you're looking for a self-propelled Toro electric lawn mower for your hillier and larger yard, the 60V Max 21-inch Super Recycler could be for you. This model has an excellent variety of premium features, such as LED headlights and Vortex Technology.

And while some yard care aficionados might worry that the electric mowers won't have the power of the gas kind, rest assured that the Super Recycler is seriously powerful.

One customer explained in their five-star review, "The Toro Super Recycler is the best mower I've owned. It's noticeably lighter and more maneuverable than my previous gasoline mower. It's so quiet that my wife has already given me the go-ahead to cut early on hot summer days … this is one terrific lawn mower."

So, whether you're looking to upgrade your mower because you hate its noise, pollution, or weight or trying to avoid the government from banning your tool, know that Toro has an excellent selection of electric mowers.

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