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TikToker shares amazing hack for getting incredibly cheap takeout food from restaurants: 'This is the app of my dreams'

Too Good To Go provides an easy opportunity to buy great food at significantly discounted rates.

Too Good To Go saves foodie major money

Photo Credit: @eatsbynat/ Tiktok

A TikTok user shared an exciting way to save money on food from restaurants while reducing food waste in the process.

The scoop

In a recent video, TikToker Natalie Ludwig (@eatsbynat)  shares her experience using Too Good To Go, an app that allows users to purchase leftover food items from restaurants.

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In the video, Ludwig orders from a local pizza place and gets the perfect amount of food at a ridiculously reduced price.

"We got a box of pizza," she says. "They didn't give us a crazy amount of food … let me show you guys what they gave us." She opens the box and says, "Oh my goodness … we have four pizza slices — a pepperoni slice, a spinach and feta slice — and two garlic knots."

The box cost $5 but would have cost a whopping $17 if it had been purchased earlier in the day at each item's normal price. That means the user paid less than one-third of the usual price for unsold food that's still perfectly good and would have gone in the dumpster without Too Good To Go.

How it's helping

As inflation continues to affect food prices, eating out keeps getting more expensive. Too Good To Go provides an easy opportunity to buy great food at significantly discounted rates.

In the United States, around one-third of all produced food ends up going to waste, according to Feeding America. That's about 119 billion pounds of wasted food each year. 

Too Good To Go helps restaurants reduce their food waste by connecting eateries with customers who want to buy excess food. It's a win-win system: Restaurants don't throw good food away at the end of the day, and customers get a cheap meal.

Too Good To Go currently works with over 4,000 restaurants, over 3,500 bakeries, and over 1,800 grocery stores to bring cheap food to local communities, according to the company's website. All you have to do is download the free app, look at local options, order a Surprise Bag of food from your eatery of choice when the time is right, and pick it up.

What everyone's saying

Users shared their enthusiasm for the app in the TikTok's comment section.

"​​This is so cool!!! I love that they're trying to reduce waste," one user wrote.

"I just downloaded the app, I am picking up my magic bag from a cupcake place !" another user said.

"This is the app of my dreams. Finally it's arrived," a third user commented.

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