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Gardener shares her hack for bringing severely neglected tomato plants back to life: 'Love this'

She was able to give her tomatoes a fighting chance.

She was able to give her tomatoes a fighting chance.

Photo Credit: @yardfarmer.co/ Tiktok

Tomato plants are the cornerstone of many vegetable gardens. However, these plants are also susceptible to various issues, like pests and early flowering, and sometimes even the best-intentioned gardener can end up with a neglected plant. 

Thankfully, one TikToker has an easy solution. 

The scoop

TikTok content creator Daryl (@yardfarmer.co) posted a new video detailing how she plans to rehab a plant she accidentally neglected.

"Some weeks are harder than others, and some crops like this poor tomato plant were neglected from the moment they were transplanted," she says in the video. "But today is a new day, and we are making the most of it by bringing this tomato plant back to a place where it can thrive!"

@yardfarmer.co Things I did to work on this neglects lil tomato plant baby! 1) I pruned off the bottommost leaves plus ones that were greatly affected by aphids. Make sure to use alcohol on your shears! 2) I planted marigolds, basil and sweet alyssum to help with pests. 3) I spread more compost at the base so she can develop more roots. 4) I will be releasing ladybugs in the garden soon! #backyardgarden #urbangarden #foodnotlawns #gardening101 #tomatoes #tomatoseason #gardeningfail #mentalhealth #gardening ♬ LULLABY WALTZ - Marcel Coulomb

The video shows how Daryl went about reviving her tomato plant. By removing pest-ridden leaves and flower sprouts that were taking energy from the plant, she was able to give her tomatoes a fighting chance. 

Pruning, cleaning, feeding, and giving the tomato plant extra strength by tying it to a growing post helps reduce the stress on the plant and gives it the vitality to produce beautiful and delicious tomatoes in the future. 

Daryl also notes that she planted marigolds, basil, and sweet alyssum to fend off pests and added additional compost to get some new root growth.

How it's helping

Planting fruits and vegetables is a wonderful way to give back to nature. By harvesting your own crops, you can save money at the grocery store and beautify wherever you decide to sow your seeds. 

Beyond that, planting foliage like bushes and trees can save your soil from eroding or moving. The roots of many grasses, fruit trees, and shrubs help keep soil in place, so if you're near a cliffside or a flood zone, remember that roots are your best friend.

Locally grown vegetables can also help reduce the carbon pollution in our atmosphere. Without the need for plastic containers or massive harvesting machines, you can save money, time, and the environment by starting and tending to your vegetable garden.

Tips like Daryl's can help not only save your garden in the long run but also inspire thousands of others to give gardening a try. 

What everyone's saying

Daryl's followers loved her take on reviving the neglected plants. 

"Love this! I totally feel you, and I use gardening for my mental health, too," one commenter wrote.

"Another analogy: better nutrients = better plants, just like us," another agreed.

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