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Gardening expert shares 'genius' hack for protecting your plant seedlings from pests: 'Best thing I have seen for a while'

"This is a great way to have a little bit more use."

"This is a great way to have a little bit more use."

Photo Credit: @wyseguide / Instgram

Tin cans are something that almost every household has hanging around. One gardening expert shared a hack for using tin cans to help grow a luscious garden.

The scoop

Kaleb Wyse (@wyseguide) explains on his Instagram that you can start stocking up on your recycled tin cans during the cool months in anticipation for planting season. Wyse explains that he saves up large tin cans (like coffee or peanut cans) because once the paper is removed, they become the "perfect vessel to protect your plants in the spring." 

He shows how he takes a clean tin can, flips it over, and uses a can opener to take off the bottom. The remaining cylinder becomes a "beautiful beginning" for a transplanted plant in the spring or seeds that are planted outdoors. 

When it's time to plant, he gently screws in the tin around the plant in the ground, which acts as a protective buffer from the wind or nibbling animals. Not bad for a hunk of metal! 

When you're finished with the tin, you can gently pick it up to remove it and save it for the next growing season. 

"If you want to extend the life of the things you just usually recycle, this is a great way to have a little bit more use," Wyse notes. 

How it's helping

Reducing, reusing, and recycling is the triad of a sustainable lifestyle. Not only does this hack cut down on the amount of metal going into the waste stream, but it also provides a helpful tool for protecting delicate seedlings.

Reducing household waste doesn't just mean saving time spent taking your trash out, but it also reduces the amount of plastic waste in landfills. Much of this waste enters the oceans and worsens major environmental issues like the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. Giving your cans new life will help keep the waste out of these landfills and wherever the trash eventually ends up, plus your transplants and seedlings will thank you. 

What everyone's saying

Other users were impressed by the ease of this hack. One user applauded, "You are a veritable treasure trove of useful information!! Seriously!!"

"Best thing I have seen for a while!" another user wrote. 

A third noticed what was in the can before Wise stuck it in the ground, saying, "Genius. Those are great peanuts, too!"

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