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These are the best 'selfish' reasons to reduce your household waste, according to Reddit: 'I saved money and gained knowledge'

"I don't order takeout anymore because of the packaging."

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In a recent post on the r/ZeroWaste subreddit, one user asked, "Are there any selfish benefits for going zero waste?" 

The user was seeking responses about how creating zero waste could potentially help them as an individual, in addition to the clear environmental benefits of a green lifestyle.

"I understand how good zero waste is for the environment," the user wrote. "I understand the challenge of being zero waste and I understand the benefit of not having to take the trash out. Other than those two things are there any other unforeseen personal benefits?"

Commenters responded with two main benefits: time and money.

"Less money spent, less time spent cleaning/taking out the trash," one user commented.

"Money! I have save[d] a lot of [it] since I don't need to keep buying single-use stuff," another user said.

Commenters also reported improved mental health and expanded skill sets.

"I just feel better about myself. ¯\(•、•)/¯ And less guilty about all the harm humanity is doing," said a commenter.

"Since I don't order takeout anymore because of the packaging, I have learned to cook so many things and for the fraction of the price," said another commenter. "So I saved money and gained knowledge."

"I think also it changes your perspective about wanting material possessions," another commenter declared. "I no longer want the nice handbag or a closet full of designer clothes. I'm fine with my hand-me-down and used items."

Additionally, users reported health and aesthetic benefits from eliminating waste from their lifestyles. 

"Switching to solid products without any preservatives has significantly improved my skin allergies," one user stated

"The look is a lot nicer," said another Redditor. "Glass containers instead of plastic, beeswax wraps instead of plastic wrap, and even my fancy metal safety razor all looks a lot nicer and more expensive, even if it wasn't more expensive long term."

By reducing our wastefulness, we not only help the environment, but also improve our lifestyles for personal benefit. You can dive into the r/ZeroWaste subreddit for more information.

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