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Cleaning expert shares clever hack to easily clean suede shoes using only household items: 'You can clearly see the difference'

"Pretty simple to fix!"

"Pretty simple to fix!"

Photo Credit: TikTok

Suede shoes looking worse for wear? Before you toss them, try this simple cleaning hack that will bring them back to life using items you likely already have at home.

The scoop

To clean dirt and stains off suede shoes, the TikTok account Problem Solved (@problemsolved) and its host, Kristopher Juniel, demonstrated an easy, water-free method to his 1.3 million followers.

All you need is a microfiber cloth, a small stiff-bristled brush, a pencil eraser, and a nail file.

@problemsolved Suede shoes can be really tricky to clean. Here are some of my favorite tips to get your shoes looking new again. 👟 #problemsolved #shoes #shoecleaning #suedeshoes #fyp ♬ Dandelions - The Young Ebenezers

First, use the microfiber cloth to wipe off any loose dirt and debris, brushing in one direction. As Problem Solved notes, "Microfiber is great because it doesn't leave behind any lint."

Next, take your eraser and gently rub it on stubborn stains and marks. If the eraser isn't quite cutting it, try lightly filing the suede with your nail file. Problem Solved shows how this simple trick can "bring that suede back to life."

The results speak for themselves. "You can clearly see the difference," Problem Solved points out after completing the cleaning process. The pair of suede shoes he demonstrated on appear brand new.

How it's helping

Not only does this hack save your favorite suede shoes, but it also saves you money on expensive specialty cleaning products or professional services. Plus, by extending the life of your shoes, you're reducing waste and keeping them out of landfills, where they'll release harmful gases as they break down over hundreds of years.

Breathing new life into older items, whether it's shoes, clothes, or home goods, is key to conserving resources and treading more lightly on the planet. Every little bit counts.

Repurposing common household items like cloths, brushes, erasers, and nail files as cleaning tools is a smart way to cut costs and clutter. Simple items make great natural cleaners for your home that are just as effective as store-bought options, from using a lemon to take grime off your kitchen sink to scrubbing your stovetop with baking soda.

Interested in joining the natural cleaning movement? Get started by reading our guide.

What everyone's saying

TikTok users love this suede cleaning technique, with many eager to try it on their own kicks.

Comments poured in showing appreciation for Problem Solved and the handy tip: "I love your videos! Been watching you for years. You give the best tips & tricks!"

Another user found the hack "amazing! and pretty simple to fix!"

Others chimed in, "Love your videos and will be using these suggestions."

It's clear this water-free method is a hit for saving suede and saving some green. Will you give your shoes this simple refresh?

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