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Savvy parent shows off the brand-new kid's toys they found for cheap at their local Goodwill: 'I love thrifting'

"All my son's presents came from there."

Thrifting child's toys

Photo Credit: r/ZeroWasteParenting / Reddit

For one parent on Reddit, thrifting isn't just a way to save money — it also means their baby will be able to share experiences the OP had as a child.

Thrift store shopping has been getting tons of attention on subreddits like r/ZeroWaste, whose users try to minimize their impact on the environment with smart purchases, and r/ThriftStoreHauls, where Redditors share the amazing deals they found at secondhand shops. It's also come up on r/ZeroWasteParenting, a subreddit "for responsible parents who try to minimize the overall environmental impact of their children."

In this popular post, the OP shares photos of two toy sets they found at a local Goodwill: a flower-arranging set similar to themed Lego toys and a Crayola crayon maker. 

"I had this crayon maker as a kid, and I loved it. It was such a good way to use old crayons," OP says. "Pretty sure I'm preaching to the choir, but I love thrifting."

Shopping secondhand is an incredible way for buyers on a budget to get the most for their money. Shoppers can often find new items or ones in good condition — and even some of the worn-out products just need a little bit of love to get them in perfect shape, like this teak charcuterie board

Thrifting items is usually much cheaper than buying new ones. The difference is so great that buyers may even be able to bring home luxury items they couldn't afford otherwise — like designer decor and vintage clothing.

At the same time, thrift stores play a vital role in helping the environment. Passing old items on to new owners keeps them out of landfills and also reduces the need to make new products from raw materials.

Commenters were enthusiastic about the idea of buying toys secondhand. 

"I was just thinking that I need to put down Amazon (just browsing) and go to a damn thrift store instead," says one

Another recommends their favorite store: "Thrifting is my fave, especially Once Upon a Child. All my son's presents came from there, as well as 90% of his clothes."

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