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Shopper sparks jealousy after finding 3 pairs of '70s-era Levi's for an outrageously cheap price: 'Great and rare find'

"These are 100% [from the] 1970s."

3 pairs of thrifted Levi's corduroy

Photo Credit: u/ChumRoVin/ Reddit

A thrifter took to Reddit to show off their vintage Levi's corduroy score for an unbelievable price: three pairs for just $13.97.

The thread in r/ThriftStoreHauls shows a few photos of the corduroys, including some snapshots of the labels, which help to date the clothes.

Shopping secondhand for basics like jeans or corduroy pants can save you a pretty penny compared to shopping for these items new. Levi's is an iconic brand, and many of its products can be found circulating in secondhand stores on any given day. Its quality products stand the test of time, too.

Plus, shopping secondhand keeps those items out of landfills, where they can contribute to pollution. And while Levi's has significantly increased its sustainability commitments in recent years, shopping secondhand is still the more sustainable solution than buying new items — especially when it's a valuable vintage find like these corduroys.

One of the photos shared in the thread shows the bottom side of one of the tags, which, according to this video from the YouTube channel Pick & Roll, indicates that the corduroys were made in 1978, making them a true vintage score worth a lot more than what the Redditor paid.  

On eBay, a similar pair of vintage Levi's corduroys is listed at $75. 

Vintage finds at thrift stores run the gamut, from classic coats like this J. Crew score to this thrifted vintage necklace worth $50,000 to $60,000. 

Reddit is full of vintage lovers, and many chimed in with feedback, including whether or not the corduroys were from the 1970s or later years like the 1990s or early 2000s.

"These are 100% 1970s," wrote one Redditor. "Great and rare find." 

"I had a pair of brown ones that were so comfy," wrote another user. "I wore the corduroys down to the nub. Great find."

Another user just shared the thrill of the find. "Wow," they wrote. "I just found two of the same. I love them. Wear them in good health."

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