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Thrifter nabs timeless J. Crew coat for just $9 after another customer decided not to buy it: 'This is an awesome find'

"Another girl picked it up then put it back — I grabbed it immediately."

J. Crew coat

Photo Credit: u/twentysomething3 / Reddit

Scouring thrift stores can bring some serious wins like this stunning J. Crew coat that one Redditor says they scored for less than $10.

In a thread posted to Reddit, a user shares a pic of their new camel-colored winter J. Crew coat. The image is captioned, "J Crew coat I purchased for $8.99. Another girl picked it up then put it back & I grabbed it immediately. Sorry girl, but this is an awesome find!"

While the coat is new to the Redditor, it was presumably worn by someone else first before finding its way to a local thrift store. Thrift stores are filled with hardly or never-worn items that you can find for a fraction of the price compared to buying them new at retail.

Buying second hand is not only a big way to save money on your wardrobe, but it also helps to keep clothes out of landfills. 

According to the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, just in New York City, more than 200 million pounds of clothing — the equivalent of more than 440 Statues of Liberty — are sent to landfills every year. 

And the organization says that globally, 73% of the materials used in clothing production "are landfilled or burned at the end of their life, while less than 1% of old clothing goes on to be used to make new clothing."

And if it only costs you $8.99 to help reduce that impact, it might be worth it. According to Redditors who chimed in on the thread, that seems to be the case. 

"That's gorgeous, such a classic color and cut. I would have grabbed it too," writes one Redditor.

Another user says they love finding sport coats and blazers at thrift stores.  "I take them straight to the dry cleaners and wear them to work once I get them back," they write.

Another Redditor says they did some digging to find the original price. "I looked it up online and its like 250$," they write. "Good job. I want it now."

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