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Texas mom reveals the secret trick she used to save $100 a month on her energy bills: 'Make sure they are facing upward'

"Unplug all electronics and appliances when not in use!"

Texan, shaving money off energy bills

Photo Credit: @texas_hippiee / TikTok

During this time of economic uncertainty and high inflation, we can all use tips on how to save money

Thankfully, Texas TikToker Nicole B (@texas_hippiee) posted a video with her secrets for saving money on power bills, which she says have resulted in savings of $100 a month.

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In the clip, Nicole takes viewers on a tour of her living room, starting with one of the windows. 

"Open blinds for natural lighting and make sure they are facing upward at an angle to reduce the heat coming into your home," she says as her first tip. 

Nicole then pans to face her kitchen for her second piece of advice: "Use natural lighting throughout your home."

Nicole's next hack is particularly important.

"Unplug all electronics and appliances when not in use!" she says.

So-called "vampire electronics" — electronic devices that are plugged in despite being fully charged or not in use — can be a surprisingly big part of a home's energy consumption. On its website, New England public utility company Unitil writes that "vampire" electronics "are responsible for as much as 20% of home energy consumption." 

The company suggests unplugging devices when they have finished charging, a practice that it says, "will not only save energy but will also extend their lifespan."

Nicole then zooms in on her thermostat, which she says she keeps between 76 and 77 degrees Fahrenheit. She advises viewers to keep their thermostats as high as possible while still feeling comfortable, though that advice may be more applicable in a place like her home state of Texas.

Residents of colder climates may want to keep their thermostats on the cooler side to avoid using excess electricity and/or heating oil.

Rachel then gives her final piece of advice, a two-fold tip. 

"Use cold water when washing and wash less frequently by having a laundry day each week," she says.

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