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Tesla owner shares frustrating scene after pulling up to charging station: 'This is like my worst nightmare'

"[It] sucks to see."

"It sucks to see."

Photo Credit: iStock

A Tesla driver took to Reddit to share a situation that they, understandably, had very charged feelings about. 

In their post, the driver shared a photo of a situation that has, unfortunately, become all too common. 

"It sucks to see."
Photo Credit: Reddit

"Pulled up to a charging station only to find this and no available charging stations," they wrote above the photo of a Tesla charging station blocked by vehicles that aren't using it. 

A gray Tesla has parked perpendicular to the other cars, blocking at least two of them, to charge their vehicle. 

"Props to the first gray Tesla for finding a way to charge, but [it] sucks to see three other cars blocking the charging stations. A line was forming for charging as well which is super frustrating considering I was low on charge and this was my only option so I had to wait it out," the OP wrote in a comment below the photo. 

Issues with charging and fears they won't have access to a charging station when needed are among the main reasons many drivers cite for not making the switch from a gas-powered car to an electric vehicle

A typical car produces over 10,000 pounds of carbon pollution per year, and globally, passenger cars produce around 3.3 billion tons of toxic planet-warming gas annually. Conversely, EVs produce no tail-pipe pollution when on the road. 

That said, the more people behind the wheel of an EV, the better, and instances like this — and charger vandalism, which is sadly also common — do not help the cause. 

A lot of effort is going toward expanding charging infrastructure, including installing chargers at gas stations, but in the meantime, it would be helpful if people who did not need the stations left them open and available for those who do. 

Commenters on the post were understandably upset. 

"This is like my worst nightmare whenever I'm traveling long distances and I need to pull over to charge," admitted one.

"This is my main reason why I don't go EV in America," wrote another. 

"If Teslas parked in front of a gas pump this would make headline news about 'how to stop the EVs parking in gas stations,'" said a third.

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