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Tenant concerned after landlord demands they stop using EV charging station: 'What I can do?'

"Check the language and stand your ground."

"Check the language and stand your ground."

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In yet another instance of tenant-landlord conflict, this Reddit user said their landlord has forbidden them from charging their electric vehicle at home under penalty of heavy fines.

In a post to the subreddit r/electricvehicles, the tenant explained that their landlord had permitted them to charge their EV at the rental for months — as long as they paid an additional $100 monthly fee.

However, everything changed when the landlord left a note at the tenant's rental with orders for them to stop charging their EV at home. 

"I'm wondering, what I can do?" they wrote.

Tenant-landlord disputes concerning EV charging and the adoption of other environmentally friendly practices are unfortunately not uncommon. This year, The Cool Down has reported on several cases of unjust EV charging bans, unreasonable yard maintenance demands, and even instances of landlords destroying tenants' gardens.

So, what actions can you take if you find yourself in one of these scenarios?

Don't worry: There is hope to change established rules in your favor — all it requires is a bit of extra effort. 

For starters, check out TCD's Homeowners Association Guide. There, you can find helpful information on how to effect eco-friendly changes in HOA-run neighborhoods or with stubborn landlords.

The comprehensive guide outlines the process of acquiring HOA regulations and locating pertinent state statutes. It offers guidance on contacting appropriate individuals for inquiries and grievances and initiating discussions with landlords, HOA boards, and fellow community members who may share similar concerns.

Luckily for the aforementioned tenant, a conversation with their landlord may be a quick solution — especially if their landlord is hoping to avoid legal trouble.

In the Reddit post, the tenant said they scoured their lease and found nothing forbidding them from charging their EV. Reddit users were quick to point out the contractual loophole. 

"She can pound sand if there's nothing in the lease about charging," commented one user.

"All about that lease, dude," wrote another. "Check the language and stand your ground."

Another Reddit user suggested: "Talk with her and try to find out why you cannot use the charger anymore. Understanding why she changed her mind is the best way to find a solution."

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