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Tenant fed up with landlord's neglected AC unit: 'Can't be treated that way'

"I would be hounding the landlord night and day."

"I would be hounding the landlord night and day."

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A frustrated renter took to Reddit's r/mildlyinfuriating community to share a photo of their building's severely rusted air conditioning unit.

"The physical state of the AC unit my landlord flat out refuses to replace," the post reads. "It's 93°F in my place and it's not even noon yet."

The image shows a heavily corroded AC unit that looks well beyond its usable lifespan. Rust covers the belly of the apparently ancient appliance. It's difficult to imagine it providing any cooling relief, especially on a sweltering day.

"I would be hounding the landlord night and day."
Photo Credit: Reddit
"I would be hounding the landlord night and day."
Photo Credit: Reddit

"That's a swamp cooler," one commenter pointed out, referencing an evaporative cooling system common in dry climates. "They are actually pretty good units when running. You can look up videos to fix these things yourself. All the parts are usually cheap for them as well."

But should renters have to repair their own essential cooling appliances? This landlord's refusal to replace a decrepit AC unit during dangerous heat puts their tenant's well-being at risk. It also likely drives up energy costs by forcing an inefficient appliance to work overtime.

Unfortunately, landlords preventing renters from living comfortably while saving money and energy is an all-too-common issue. From prohibiting clotheslines for air-drying laundry to restricting water-saving landscaping, some property owners put up barriers to renters' cost-cutting, environmentally friendly lifestyles.

"I would be hounding the landlord night and day," another Redditor advised the overheated tenant. "I would not pay rent and not pay any late fees. Can't be treated that way."

Others suggested seeking help from local investigative journalists who "go after these guys" and "put them in the hall of shame."

No one should have to fight for their basic right to stay cool, especially during record heatwaves. Providing functional, efficient AC is the bare minimum a landlord can do. Tenants' health, finances, and environmental impact are not bargaining chips.

Thankfully, by leading with compassion, education, and logic, there are ways tenants can work with their landlords to change established rules, particularly as they pertain to eco-friendly home changes. Stay persistent and keep fighting the good fight.

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