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Tenant tries to work around landlord's laundry-restricting policy: 'The apartment complex is being too strict'

"Take them inside, open the back door, put a fan next to the clothes, blowing outside."

“Take them inside, open the back door, put a fan next to the clothes, blowing outside."

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Living in an apartment complex has its perks, like community and affordability. However, renters are often at the whim of landlords and property managers. 

One tenant took to Reddit to ask for help on how to handle a strict landlord. 

"My apartment complex sent out an email a few weeks ago warning us to keep our porches clean and clear. Some guy actually got fined for having 'furniture' out on his porch … the apartment complex is being too strict," the frustrated Redditor posted. "The leasing office staff (the ones who write people up) work a pretty standard 9-5 schedule. Do ya'll think I should hang my clothes up at 6 PM?"

This person was hoping to dry their clothes without using the dryer to save money and conserve energy. We should all be able to make the choices we want when it comes to saving money without having to argue with a management company. Line drying is an efficient way to dry your clothes outside in any season, and clothing racks like the Redditor described are another great option. 

Avoiding the dryer can help your wallet with the cost per load in the laundry room and your energy bill. Additionally, dryers are one of the biggest energy sucks in your home, with most families spending around $100 a year on the dryer's electricity

Tenants and those who live in a place with an HOA do have some leverage to advocate for themselves — there are many ways to get involved and change your bylaws.

Many people chimed in with advice and suggestions for the original poster. One person suggested checking out local rules, writing, "Some states have 'right to dry' laws that override HOA and municipal rules, so your property overlords could be SOL."

Another commenter wrote, "Take them inside, open the back door, put a fan next to the clothes, blowing outside. BOOM, no rules broken, and you can technically still dry your clothes with outside air. It sucks, but better to just follow the dumb rules and not having the hassle of dealing with the management office."

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