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Americans use over 140 rolls of toilet paper each year — but there's a new trend that could change what we buy

There are plenty of guilt-free options out there.

sustainable toilet paper

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Toilet paper is an obvious necessity for households, but it can have a pretty crappy impact on the environment. 

Since the average American uses 141 rolls of toilet paper every single year, and this paper comes from trees, our bathroom habits are often not eco-friendly.

So, if you're wondering what sustainable toilet paper options are out there, we're here to help.

What is sustainable toilet paper?

Sustainable toilet paper is made from recycled materials or bamboo. It is designed to be more environmentally friendly than traditional toilet paper because it uses up less resources.

And because sustainable toilet paper is made without the use of "virgin pulp," aka new trees, it can help to reduce deforestation, too.

What are some good sustainable toilet paper brands?

There are tons of sustainable toilet paper companies to choose from.

Of course, people will have their preferences (ply, design, etc.), but one extremely popular brand is Seventh Generation. Seventh Generation is a company that specializes in eco-friendly products (including toilet paper). 

And due to the brand's popularity, it may be the easiest sustainable TP to find, as well as the cheapest.

Reel is another excellent, albeit slightly more expensive, option.

Are there any downsides to sustainable toilet paper?

Some people don't like sustainable toilet paper because it has not historically been as cheap as traditional toilet paper. But now, sustainable TP is becoming more affordable than ever, with many brands offering discounts through subscription services or by buying in bulk.

So, if you're willing to invest in some high-quality TP, there are plenty of guilt-free options out there. And if you really want to reduce your toilet paper consumption, you could always go for a bidet, too.

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